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and the united states, say their countries must make progress in relocating the u.s. base. in okinawa. defense minister, yasuo ichikawa, and defense secretary, leon panetta met tuesday in tokyo. each says the government is preparing to submit an environment impact report on the relocation to officials in okinawa with this year. the report is the final step in the environmental assessment for relocation of the u.s. marine corps futenma air station. the base is expected to be moved from a densely populated area to a location closer to the coast. >> this is a critical initiative in our effort to maintain a strong forward deployed presence in the pacific region. and it's also important to reducing the impact of our bases in okinawa. >> panetta says it's necessary to make progress on the relocation plan. the u.s. and japan signed an agreement in 2006. ichikawa says japan hopes to strengthen its alliance with the u.s. and it faces security issues related to north korea and china. panetta says the u.s. is a pacific country and it intends to military power in the region. maintain its presence in of mi
>>> glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline." it is monday, october 17th, 8:00 a.m. in tokyo. i'm catherine kobayashi. >>> thailand's worst rainfall in 50 years caused flooding in northern and northeastern parts of the country. residents of bangkok are on maximum alert as high tides will continue several days. our reporter has more on that. >> reporter: northern and central parts of thailand were inundate with the flooding of the river that runs towards the thai capitol. it is in and around homes. they are bracing for possible flood damage and tides reached the highest levels since the heavy rainfall began. now the water level of the river is still rising. as you can see, water spread its banks into the shopping streets. bangkok residents are on high alert because of heavy rainfall and high tide. bangkok is located in a delta area. if the river overflows, it will cause widespread damage. >> the damage is getting worse day by day. we are losing business. >> all i can do is to wait for the rain season to end. workers are reinforcing barriers by piling sand bags at s
austerity measures proposed by the government. nhk world is in athens. >> the government bleeds us dry. they should immediately step down. >> what are we supposed to do if we can't receive a psi? >> reporter: in athens, the square in front of the parliament is packed with demonstrators on monday, wednesday, i should say. more than 120,000 protesters are marching through the city's center, chanting anti-austerity ogs. e otestasaunched by mar iove measures including pension cuts and layingff of about 30,000iv demonstrators threw firebombs at the police. this is the first demonstration of tcan greece sce the start of the sereign debt crisis two years ago. transport, hospital and other public workers are among the protesters. traffic in the capital is paralyzed and many strikers were converging on the parliament building. the government is trying to persuade the public to accept the new measures, which it says are essential to securing immediate funds for the country. >>> china sharply reduced holdings of u.s. government bonds ter the credit rating agency downgraded u.s. debt in ea
>>> glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline." it is 8:00 a.m. in tokyo. i'm catherine kobayashi. the yen hit a new high against the dollar in sydney. it followed the previous high marked on friday in new york. now on sydney's foreign exchange market, the dollar briefly changed hands at 75.32 yen after trading for the yen accelerated. it is now trading at 75.74-75. >>> the european union asked a group of 20 developed and emerging economies to unite to contain the euro zone debt crisis. eu president and the european commission president sent letters to leaders of the g-20 countries. the letters say the eu will progressively implement measures to increase the capacity of the european financial stability facility, the bailout fund, to 1 trillion euro to assist financially troubled members. the measures were agreed upon at the eu summit last week. letters mention the stepping up of the functions of the international monetary fund and also referred to the introduction of a financial transaction tax to strengthen monitoring of speculative financial trading. an nhk corresponde
and are used as external storage devices. >> translator: since supplies are running out, a lot of companies are eager to secure their stock. i'm concerned supply may fall short of demand ahead of the year-end sales season. >>> a full day has passed since a powerful earthquake shook turkey. hundreds of emergency workers are searching for signs of life in the rubble. they fear many people could be trapped in broken-down buildings. so far, this quake has killed more than 230 people. >> the tremor measures 7.2 in magnitude. it hit eastern turkey close to the border with iran. interior minister idris naim sahin says along with the dead, more than 1,000 people are hurt. prime minister recep tayyip erdogan visited the disaster area soon after the quake. he said countless people could be trapped in collapsed buildings. he promised swift rescue efforts. >> translator: we want to get people out alive. rescue efforts are going on throughout the night. >> soldiers and more than 1,200 emergency personnel are working together. they're dealing with constant aftershocks. survivors spent the night in tents.
the u.s. economy outlook. and expectation that the u.s. central bank will take additional monetary easing measures. the dollar is currently trading between 75.69 and 75.72 yen. japan's central bank has decided to take additional monetary easing measures by expanding the amount of its asset-buying program. we report from bank of japan. >> reporter: the bank of japan held its board meeting on thursday and decided to raise the amount of the current scheme by five trillion yen to 55 billion tren. that's about $720 billion. the bank said the economies that recovered to the level prior to the march disaster and it's picking up. however, a slowdown in the overseas economies due to the european debt crisis and the appreciation of the yen are having a negative impact on japanese economy and the economy. the central bank said the expansion of the program is intended for buying long-term japanese government bonds. the major objective of today's move is to stem the strong yen. but the impact on the currency market is so far limited. whether this new measure is effective enough to help the japa
a decade of war. >> translator: still no security in afghanistan. every day there is bomb blasts. >> the u.s. and its allies invaded afghanistan exactly ten years ago, friday, about a month after 9/11. the goal was to go after al qaeda and take down the taliban regime. president hamid karzai formed a new government, but the taliban is still a force in afghanistan. and its power seems to be growing. nhk world's hideki yui visited the eastern part of the country to find out why. >> reporter: this is the main road leading to the eastern region from the capital, kabul. we found wreckage of a u.s. military fuel truck, apparently attacked by the taliban. this huge hole was created when the roadside bomb exploded. >> translator: a u.s. military vehicle was blown up here. the u.s. forces came quickly to collect the wreckage. >> reporter: our nhk crew contacted taliban members based in the eastern province of kunar. they said their unit had 30 troops fighting u.s. troops. to avoid detection, taliban members move around in small groups in the mountainous region. they say they have the support of local
thousand u.s. dollars and some chinese currency. the leaders of the north korean army allowed him to keep some of the money he made fishing. he had enough to buy imported south korean and chinese goods. at the market he saw videos from overseas and heard talk about life outside the people's republic. convinced there was no future at home, he decided to seek a better life elsewhere. another man told japanese officials he's a grandson of a former chairman north korean's supreme people's assembly but the man's claim is hard to verify. on thursday, the south korean unification ministry said north korea had demanded the return of all nine defectors. but south korea said it will respect the group's wishes and refused to hand them over. the government will now check their identities and motives for escaping before helping them to resettle in their new home. >>> friday marked the tenth anniversary of the u.s. invasion of afghanistan. the presence of foreign troops was supposed to be an exercise in rebuilding a nation. but after a decade of fighting, the taliban insurgency is regaining momentum an
in paris. the u.s. will be discussing plans to reinforce european financial stabilization facility or essf. designed to provide assistance to any euro member facing financial trouble and they plan to reconsider recapitalization of banks in the region, including the use of public funds to insure their stability. japan is sending a finance minister, jun azumi and central bank governor, shirakawa. >> translator: japan also has a bitter experience of failing to dispose of nonperforming loans in time. i want to talk about the need for establishing a major framework to shore up financial institutions. that will include the european financial stabilization facility. >>> the meeting will last for two days. the outcome of the discussions will be announced in a communique'. >>> experts from the international atomic energy agency have advised the japanese government on how to effectively remove radioactive material created by the accident at the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. on friday, the team of radiation experts submitted a 12-point report to japan's environment minister, hoseno. the iaea
. the money can be used to build roads, social welfare and sports facilities. a board of audits survey shows about $1.6 billion are being held in reserve for 14 planned reactors across japan as of the end of march. construction has begun at only 3 of the 14 reactors. plans for the other 11 have been scrapped or delayed because of opposition from locals. the board of audit has found money in reserve for these 11 reactors totals about $864 million. the industry ministry says it will determine how to deal with the unused reserve funds after studying the results of an ongoing review of japan's basic energy policies. >>> greece is facing social strife on top of a debt crisis. greek servants and other workers have gone on strike against the government, in its latest austerity measures. air traffic controllers went on strike grounding all flights. school teachers and others join them. partially suspending public services. many protesters holding banners marched in athens and filled central parts of the capital. >> translator: my bonus and salary have been reduced. i can't pay my taxes anymore. >> t
: kansai electric have submitted the results of the stress test, but they won't give us any information to help us decide whether or not we can restart the reactor. >> it's still unclear whether or not these tests will lead to restarting the idle nuclear reactors. local governments and residents have to approve before any reactor can be turned back on. >>> japan's atomic energy commission said it aims to start retrieving melted nuclear fuel rods from the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant within ten years. the commission's expert panel presented a draft report on friday, outlining the timetable for scrapping the plant. the report says decommissioning will start with repairing the containment vessels of the number one, two, and three reactors where meltdowns occurred. the commission also plans to start moving spent fuel rods from pools at the number one, two, three and four reactors to another pool in the plant within three years. the report projects that the decommissioning will take more than 30 years to complete. in 1979, three mile island accident, about 70% of the reactor's fuel
in the city. participants have been sending information on the protests, using online social networking sites. >> we can have 6,000 people around the world watch us. my personal goal is to make this place a better place. >>> the u.s. senate is talking tough on currency valuation. it's going to begin debating a bill to impose sanctions on countries that undervalue their currencies to boost exports. the move is seen as an apparent bid to step up pressure on china. the senate plans to ask the white house to identify nations that engage in currency manipulation. if such countries fail to rectify their policies, the legislation would allow washington to apply tariffs and other economic sanctions. senators are expected to vote on the bill later this week. but observers say the bill is not likely to pass. the republicans, who hold a majority in the lower house, have already expressed opposition. the white house is also taking a cautious stance as china is a major importer of u.s. goods. amid calls for a stronger yuan, tensions between the two trade giants are expected to rise. >>> china's commerce m
's 42-year rule prompted reaction from a number of other nations, including the u.s. and china. president barack obama said a year ago the notion of a free libya seemed impossible. >> so this is a momentous day in the history of libya. the dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted. the libyan people have a great responsibility, to build an inuse dolantnd mocricya. hise foreiinistr spokespeonaiaewag has enurd in libya's histo. >>ralator: chi hes trsition to anncsive politicarocess will start a soon apoible. sothcolidarity and naon uty is safeguard. >> jiang did not comment on the killing of gadhafi. >>> china was the last among the u.n. security council permanent members to approve libya's national transitional council. negotiations between china and the ntc were stalled over the issue of chinsigs t vepmt ojtsnby th cneovnmt had eeait tadfi gi. > w bk he i jan, wiers ft prchg e ea hy t mch11 saer volunteers are now busy delivering traditional heaters to evacuees to protect them from the cold. on friday, evacuees welcomed the arrival of traditional heaters in miyagi prefecture. the
was reminded just how important films can be. they give us strength and hope for a better tomorrow. i do this because i want to hear people say your film gave me courage. for that reason alone, i'll keep on going. >> the popup movie theater will travel the region until mid november. >>> japanese listed companies have seen the paper profits on their share holdings decline by more than 38% in the last half year. japanese brokerage nomura securities researched the current market shares and acquisition price for about 1,800 listed firms as of friday. the amount was 4.1 trillion yen or $53 billion. the unrealized gain and indication of the firm's financial strength has declined by more than 38%. the profit on shares had fallen to the level marked immediately after the financial crisis began in september 2008. the topix index on the tokyo stock exchange has lost more than 100 points or 12% in the six-month period on concerns that the european credit situation will have an adverse impact on the global economy. >>> some 100 real estate firms from japan, the united states and ten other countries
in sydney trading. investors were buying the yen out of worries over the u.s. economic outlook and expectation that the u.s. central bank will take additional monetary easing measures. the japanese authorities have been concerned that a stronger yen will squeeze exporters' profits and slow down the recovery from the march 11th disaster. despite the intervention, the dollar continues to lose ground against the yen in european trading. earlier on monday, the u.s. currency has surged nearly 4 yen to climb into the mid-79-yen level after japanese authorities stepped into the market. right now, the dollar is trading at 78.02 to 03 yen. market participants say japanese authorities bought a substantial amount of dollars to send a message that they are determined to stop the yen's further advance. they added, however, that the market action apparently has not made a fundamental difference in the yen's uptrend, but has been triggered by the uncertainties over the u.s. and european economies. now, tokyo stocks fell on monday. the decline came despite japan's currency market intervention
. patchari raksawong joins us from our bureau in bangkok. >> myanmar's government began freeing prisoners on wednesday, one day after it announced an amnesty. the government has extended the amnesty to both political and other prisoners. the president released a statement on tuesday saying his government would free exactly 6,350 detainees and nhk filmed several prisoners leaving a prison in yangon on wednesday. the national league for democracy, or nld, says it has confirmed at least 100 political prisoners have been released so far. >> the move is seen as the government's attempt to appease pro-democracy groups. western nations imposed economic sanctions on myanmar and have said the release of political prisoners is a condition for lifting the restrictions. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton speaking to reuters after myanmar announced the amnesty said she was encouraged by the promising signals, but that it was too early to announce any steps washington might take in response. >>> next, to thailand, floods are plaguing much of the country, and bangkok is on high alert as its main ri
won the prize starting in 1901. >>> the demonstrations on wall street against the u.s. government's economic policies and high unemployment have inspired hundreds of people to stage protests in los angeles and other cities. >> no forensic evidence, no execution. >> about 400 people gathered in front of los angeles city hall on sunday evening to protest the federal government and financial circles. >> it's very important for americans to know that your money is being taken from you by these banks and i'm sick of it. i'm sick of it. >> i'm here to support people are ready to make a change in how things work in the economy so that one people don't have an advantage over another group of people. >> some of the protesters brought tents and spent the night on the street. another rally is scheduled for monday in los angeles. similar gatherings have been held across the country in cities including boston, chicago and san francisco. protesters are spreading the word through social networking sites. >>> politicians in tokyo are trying to cut the ties linking crime syndicates and businesses.
that will mean for all of us. this is "newsline." i'm michio kijima in tokyo. the united nations says the world population will mark a milestone next week. come monday, 7 billion people will be sharing the earth's resources. the u.n. population released an annual report on wednesday. the number of people on the planet has more than doubled in the past 50 years from 3 billion in 1959. forecasters say the figure will surpass 10 billion this century. asia, the world's most populated region, is expected to reach 5.2 billion people by the middle of the century. africa's population will triple and climb to an estimated 3.6 billion by 2100. developed countries including japan and european nations are expected to see their populations shrink. falling birth rates are largely to blame. the u.n. report says the global population increase will accelerate urbanization and spread poverty mainly in developing countries. it also says water shortages will worsen and developed countries will have difficulty maintaining economic growth and social security systems because of aging populations. the report calls on
>>> glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline." it is monday, october 24th. 8:00 a.m. in tokyo. i'm catherine kobayashi. >>> a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit eastern turkey on sunday, collapsing dozens of buildings. the country's government says at least 130 people have been killed. the u.s. geological survey says the quake had a depth of 20 kilometers, and the epicenter was close to the iranian border. video footage from the city of van near the epicenter shows rescue workers searching the rubble near the collapsed multi-story building. the video also shows people fleeing from buildings. the mayor of van told the local media the quake had destroyed buildings in the city center and had caused damage to the local airport. all flights from the airport have been canceled. at least 45 people have been killed in the northern town, the worst hit area. >>> libya's new leaders have declared the liberation of the country from 42 years of dictatorship under former leader moammar al gadhafi. the chairman of the national transitional council, mustafa abdel jalil, spoke t
crops and infrastructure is estimated at about $45 million u.s. dollars. in laos, at least 30 people have died, and 400,000 have been affected. the rains are expected to continue for several more weeks. raising expectations that the crisis may still worsen. >>> in sri lanka enjoyed two decades of civil war, as well as the 2004 tsunami, that killed more than 30,000 people on the island. two years after the conflict ended, some areas are on the way to a full recovery, thanks to tourism and marine sports. nhk wold's namini veejay dasa has more. >>> the beach is known to sufferers around the world. last month, an international surfing competition was held here. nearly 100 surfers from 19 countries took part. >> there are so many things to see. wildlife. good surf. yeah, it's very good, there could be a lot of potential here. >> reporter: this man is a hotel operator in araganbi. he opened the hotel 12 years ago. but his business suffered as tourists stayed away because of the civil war. sri lanka saw intensifying ethnic conflicts in the 1980s. fighting continued for more than 20 years be
's life like now? nhk world's kojima shows us. >> reporter: students are back at this elementary school, one of five schools that have reopened in minamisoma. the school authorities removed topsoil from the playground and cleaned buildings before classes resumed. radiation levels are now below the government safety li but still, people are being cautious. this is the elementary school's playground. it's break time and it's a sunny day, but everyone is inside. that's because school has suspended outdoor activities to limit children's exposure to radiation. the school's surroundings and private houses in the city haven't been decontaminated. many families are reluctant to go home. because they don't want to be exposed to radiation. that's why only 180 children returned to this elementary school. that's a third of what the population was before the march 11th disaster. >> translator: i think it's wrong to bring children back to their school. i don't think it's safe. the levels of radiation are not low. >> translator: the radiation hasn't come down at all. that's why my grandchildren are st
in light tur goes for 2011 is awarded to swedish poet, tomas trans. through his images, he gives us fresh access do reality. >>> the swedish academy in stockholm announced the winner on thursday. he was born in stockholm in 1931. he made his literary debut in 1954 with a collection entitled "17 poems." considered one of the leading poets of his generation. the academy says his poems are characterized by economy, concreteness and sharp metaphors, his works have been translated into more than 60 languages, some of which he translated himself. 103 nobel prizes in literature have been awarded since 1901. the seventh native swede to do so will receive about $1.45 million in prize money. >>> an outpouring of sadness for steve jobs. people in tokyo react to the death of apple's founder. and former ceo. steve jobs is being called many things tonight. visionary, a wizard, a genius. the man who gave the world the iphone, the ipad and a host of other inventions has died. he was 56. people around the world are remembering his legacy. >> translator: steve jobs was someone that lived by his own rule. s
. >> translator: it's hard. it's different from all the work i've done up until now. it's hard to get used to the elderly. >> reporter: today, michiko is determined to rebuild her life along with her husband. >> translator: i hope to find a job. and start working within two to three months. my dream is to work outside of this temporary housing. where we're stuck indoors all the time. >> reporter: armed with a certificate, she has finally received, michiko is doing her best to change careers. though she's blessing herself for the daunting job-hunting process, she has already taken her first steps towards a new way of working. hiroki yajima, nhk world. >>> politics is a tough business in japan. our latest nhk poll is proof of that. prime minister yoshihiko noda only took office a month ago. his approval rating is already slipping. nhk conducted a phone survey last weekend. the results suggest a little more than half of voters support noda's cabinet. 53% of respondents say they approve of noda's cabinet. that's a drop of seven percentage points from last month. the disapproval rating stands a
the village, despite a ban on rice cultivation. >> translator: rice paddies used to be everywhere and would you see the golden waves of the rice plants as far as the residence over there. but now the area is overrun with weeds. >> reporter: until the nuclear accident soon after the march 11th tsunami, more than half the households in kauchi village farmed rice. kauchi village had originally obey t government decision and told akimoto not to plant rice. but he insisted on planting it, anyway. >> translator: this is a brand of rice that i planted on may 15th. i thought it essential to make detailed data available, such as the exact amounts of radioactive cesium, so people could judge how the radioactivity affected rice farming. >> reporter: harvest day has arrived. >> translator: nothing makes me feel better than harvesting rice. >> reporter: akimoto harvested about one ton of rice this year. but he had to throw it all away, except for a small amount needed for radiation checks. rice in the zone where farming is banned, must be disposed of, even if it's free of radioactive marials. just the s
to accomplish it. sarkozy insisted they should take flexible measures by using euro zone bailout fund set up to provide emergency loans to countries in fiscal trouble. he maintained funds should be used only if a bank can't raise capital by itself. >>> the operator of the troubled fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant says the level of hydrogen in a pipe at the number one reactor has become low enough to make an explosion unlikely. they are also working to install a device to filter radioactive substances inside the containment vessel. tokyo electric power company or tepco last month found the hydrogen levels inside the pipe connected to the reactor's containment vessel comprised over 60% of the total gas present, posing a risk of explosion. the utility had been injecting nitrogen into the pipe to remove hydrogen since saturday. tepco says the hydrogen level is now low, and even if it were to rise again, it would not exceed 4%, the lowest level that poses a risk of explosion. on sunday evening tepco cut two points of the pipe to allow the insulation of a device that filters radioactive subst
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